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Welcome to State of Awe, a regular trend briefing authored by experience designer, Jordan Kallman and supported by event brand curator, Tyson Villeneuve, Co-Founders at The Social Concierge.

This periodic letter covers the latest wonders, most influential psychological movements, emerging ideas, tactile designs and hottest patterns keeping attendees, producers, designers, operators, sponsors, organizers and leaders engaged in the experience economy. 

New to the digest? Understand OUR BELIEF and dial in OUR INTENTION.  

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Feedback from Fellow Gatherers

“There is so much ‘stuff’ out there, I can’t wait for State of Awe to hit my inbox because I know it’s going to be a thoughtful curation of what’s interesting and important. I use it weekly to inform my business decisions as we navigate our way forward. - Roger Nairn, CEO of JAR Audio

"Authentic. Practical. Thought-Provoking. This digest will satiate your appetite of understanding how our human experience is evolving." - Riaz Meghji, Founder at Every Conversation Counts

“State of Awe is an amalgamation of information, trends, cool ideas and designs all relevant to the event industry… It always provides me with insight and new ideas I would not have thought of myself” - Lise Carriere, Director at Five Currents

“Jordan's staggering volume of deep insight, trend analysis, business intelligence and ideation makes a Mckinsey report look like a Mr Men book.” - Chris Neary, Brand Strategist at Frank Strategy

“Choose Your Own Adventure Through the Magical 'State of Awe'. As opposed to being told what to think and directed down the path of Jordan’s personal arguments, the digests paint a contextually complex picture and provide me with the brushes and medium with which to create through exploration, upon my own personal canvas. I walk curiously, like Alice through Wonderland and consequently, I am more deeply informed and considered in my opinions.

As such, I would recommend you take a comfortable seat, settle in and wriggle through the rabbit warren of discovery” - Oliver Finlay, Sporting Director, Director of Performance Science, Medicine & Research and PhD Candidate, UBC Faculty of Medicine